Mrs. Dever's 2nd Grade


August 20, 2021

Dear Parents,                                               


Welcome to 2D for the 2021-2022 school year. Mrs. Fey and I are enjoying getting to know your child. It's been a busy and exciting three days!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. The best way to reach me is by email at  You may also call the office and leave a message on my extension 4668.


A few reminders: 


Please be sure your child is in uniform each day.  Belts for shorts and pants are part of the dress code.  Also, send in an OLL sweatshirt or sweater to be kept in your child’s locker.  Our room can be quite chilly sometimes. 


If your child is going home with a friend, please email me or send in a note letting me know who your child is riding with, and if they are front or back carpool at dismissal.


SSG – Sensational Second Grader-  Each week a student will be randomly chosen to be the SSG.  When chosen, your child will share 1 special item with the class.  This could be a trophy, a favorite stuffed animal,  or something that is special to your child.  It must fit in your child's backpack and can be left on display in the classroom, or taken home after sharing.  Five pictures of family and friends will be shared and put on the SSG board for the week. The SSG will be my special helper too! 


Absences – In the event of a planned absence, an email or handwritten note ahead of time is appreciated.  In the event of sickness or other unplanned absence, a note upon return is appreciated as well. Your child will make up any work and or tests upon return to school.


Homework - Please sign or initial your child's agenda each night. This lets me know that you are aware of the homework and any important reminders for the week. We update the homework weekly on the class webpage. The webpage can be found by going to,, Academics, Mrs. Dever's 2nd Grade Classroom. 


Birthdays – We love celebrating birthdays in 2D!  If your child has a birthday, you may send in a birthday treat with your child.  Please email me if and when you would like to send in a treat.  Your child may also “dress down” for the day.


Spelling Packets - On Mondays, each student will receive a Spelling Homework Sheet with the words from the week's lesson. The student will choose at least 3 of the activities from the sheet to complete by Friday. Please initial the box next to the 3 activities completed. The student may choose Spelling City ( as a "free space”. Mark the space with “SC”. Any written activities done during the week should be completed on a separate sheet of paper and stapled to the Spelling Homework Sheet. This spelling packet should be turned in by Friday.


Morning Work – Morning Work is completed most mornings. It is independent work the students complete after copying homework from the board in their agendas. We check the MW together, and it is sent home at the end of the week. This is not graded work.


Friday Folders – Friday Folders will come home on Fridays filled with classwork and tests done during the week.  Please review this work with your child, and sign any tests or work where noted. Please sign the sheet attached to the folder and have your child return it on Mondays.


Thank you to Mrs. Sheets (Hamilton’s mom) and Mrs. Dowling (Frances’s mom) for volunteering as room mother’s this year.  We will be meeting soon to discuss various volunteer opportunities throughout the school year and will be in touch soon.


Thank you for all of your support as we begin our school year together!  Mrs. Fey and I are looking forward to a great year working with you and your child.


Take care,

 Mrs. Dever

 Mrs. Fey