Mrs. Dever's 2nd Grade


Dear 2D Parents,                                                                                                                                                                           August 25, 2023

Wow! This week was a week of firsts.

First full week of school!

First week with specials!   PE on Monday and Thursday, Music on Tuesday, Library and Art on Wednesday, and Mass and Spanish on Friday.

First reading tests!   We read Henry and Mudge and learned about sequence of events, subjects and predicates, ABC order, and short a and i words.

First spelling “Tic Tac Toe” sheet and spelling test with first bonus word of the year – “Mass”.

First math quiz!  We worked hard on reviewing simple addition problems, related addition facts, and addition word problems.

First Friday Mass!  The children sang their hearts out this morning, and behaved beautifully in Mass.  We talked about how singing at Mass is praying twice to God.

We enjoyed having our surprise reader today after recess – Mr. Witherspoon.  He read two great books to our class, and the students were so excited to be able to spend a little time with him.  We welcome Mr. Witherspoon as our new assistant principal.

We earned 50 PAWS and had a popcorn party this afternoon to reward excellent behavior.  

Lots of papers are coming home today.  Please remember to empty your child’s folder and sign the attached sheet.

We are off to a tremendous start in 2D!

Looking ahead to next week:

We will begin our religion sessions using our Blessed workbooks.  The children are excited to meet Ben, Sarah, Hemingway, and Friends in our weekly videos.  Session 1 is our reminder that we are beginning a great journey, that we are blessed, and that we should count our blessings and be grateful.  Our greatest blessing is life.

We begin Lesson 2 in reading - My Family - and will compare and contrast our families to the one in the story.  We will continue to work on simple sentences, and will study words with short vowels o,u, and e.

In math we will continue addition practice adding doubles, doubles +1 and doubles -1 problems.  We will also be finding the sums of three and four addends.  Addition flash cards are coming home each night.  The children should be starting with doubles problems, +1, -1 , and then the more difficult problems (8+6, 7+8, etc.).  Once these are mastered – no finger counting – they may move on the subtraction facts.

On Thursday we are surprising Father Pat with cards for his birthday.  Happy Birthday Father Pat!

We are getting into a terrific routine in 2D, and your children are settling in nicely.

Thank you for all of your support, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Take care,