Mrs. Dever's 2nd Grade


Dear Parents,                                                                     Friday, January 4, 2019


Happy New Year! 

Thank you so much for the warm wishes for a Merry Christmas, Christmas cards with pictures of your beautiful families, and thoughtful and lovely gifts for Mrs. Lopes and me.  We are very grateful to you for thinking of us in such special ways this holiday.

We are off to a busy start this year!  Thank you to Mrs. Evans for the regular Sunday emails keeping us up to date on what is going on, and to Mrs. Fleming for the sign-ups for our many events and activities. 

We are continuing to prepare for First Reconciliation.  The children are learning the Act of Contrition, with the assignment of memorizing this prayer and reciting it to me before January 26th, the date of the First Reconciliation service at 10:00 in the church.

Dates to Remember:

January 9 – 6:00pm Meeting in the Fallon Center on First Communion

January 26 – 10:00am in the Church – First Reconciliation Service

May 1 – 5:00pm Rehearsal for First Communion

May 4 and 5 – Weekend of First Communion Masses for your child

Thank you for all that you do for us in 2D!

Mrs. Dever and Mrs. Lopes