Mrs. Dever's 2nd Grade

Dear Parents,

What a busy busy time of year!  I hope that you all enjoyed the sunshine on Sunday.  It was beautiful!  It was my hope that this week would be "normal" with little interruptions to the school day.  I told the children that I will not be here the rest of the week.

I am going back down to Macon tomorrow morning through the weekend to be with Mother.  Her caregiver cannot be there so I will go down to stay with her.  Mother is 84 years old and has been blessed with great health.  She began to feel poorly this fall, and has been declining rapidly since my last trip down during Thanksgiving week.  We are still waiting on a biopsy report following diagnosis of a mass in her abdomen.  She was admitted to the hospital today due to dehydration.  I am grateful for that knowing it is where she needs to be for now.  

Mrs. Skow will be here with Mrs. Lopes.  She knows the children, and is wonderful with them.  They will certainly be in good hands.  My plan is to return for the last few days before our Christmas break.  My sister will be able to be with Mother, and my brothers have been on call as well.  I will be checking my email, but please copy Mrs. Lopes ( on any emails that we need to respond to or be aware of quickly.

Thank you for understanding my situation, and for any prayers offered for my mother.